What is Choopko?

Choopko has a unique and superior taste. Its irresistible crunchiness and yummy flavor make it an ideal snack choice for everyone. Traditional, yet innovative, this healthy crunch is simply hard one to resist. It’s so delicious or as Choopko would say – it’s swoopylicious!

What is a Swoopy Taste?

A taste that is entertainingly all natural
A taste that keeps on giving time after time
A taste desired by all generations
A taste that’s irresistible
A taste that simply brings joy

Choopko’s Puffs

Made from non-GMO farm-grown corn and nuts, Choopko Peanut Puffs will delight you with their all-natural ingredients that are carefully selected to bring forth the swoopylicious taste at an unmatched nutritious value. With only 120 calories per serving, Choopko Peanut Puffs are a supreme snack choice for any occasion.

Choopko’s Habitat

High-protein Choopko puffs are perfect for a quick bite at work, social events, parties, demanding training sessions, movie or TV nights. In fact, Choopko’s swoopy out of this world taste will become your new healthy habit.

Choopko Exposed

A swoopyliciously irresistible snack will define your character and support your healthy lifestyle choices.

Choopko Daily Routine

Make them part of your daily routine. Just don’t forget the “rules”:
Hoop – Open up your bag of Choopko Puffs
Swoop – Get ready to capture that swoopylicious crunch
Scoop – Dig into those tasty puffs
Loop – Repeat your healthy, Choopko habit

Seize That Swoopylicious Peanut Crunch